Everyone can find the best way to sample the flavours of our part of the world: alongside the à la carte menu, we offer several special menus, including those for vegetarians and coeliac sufferers, accompanied by tastings of a carefully selected range of white and red wines (the wine list features over 100 wonderful options).

You can choose whether to put your trust in our chef's recommendations with the daily menu or to explore the rich array of starters, meat and fish mains, and delicious desserts that are always on offer.

In all cases, at the Bacchus you are sure to have a unique experience – one that encapsulates the most authentic features of our culture, allowing you to savour aspects of Sardinia that are only accessible through the great local food.

  • temp/1024_risotto.jpg
    Creamy lemon risotto with purple prawns, asparagus and soft goat’s cheese
  • temp/1024_rombo.jpg
    Turbot flavoured with Vermentino, sea asparagus and browned potatoes
  • temp/1024_tonnarell.jpg
    Squid ink bullet tuna, strips of red mullet and grated lemon
  • temp/1024_tortino-salato.jpg
    Crunchy goat’s cheese pie, goat’s cheese fondue, asparagus salad and toasted almonds
  • temp/1024_fragole.jpg
    Strawberry, lemon cream and chopped pistachios
  • temp/1024_tortino.jpg
    Gluten-free chocolate tart on lemon cream
  • temp/1024_millefoglie.jpg
    Millefeuille of pane carasau flatbread and orange-flavoured ricotta cheese
Special Offers